Wax Melts

Hand blended using the highest quality oils.

Ideal for tea light or electric warmers, we present to you our range of  wax melts, wax melt tarts, wax melt clam packs & wax brittle boxes. What’s the difference you ask? A melt is made out of Soy wax and brittle is made out of Paraffin wax. Some people prefer the brittle as the paraffin wax holds the scent longer for a lasting throw. This by no way means that that the Soy wax melts don’t, on the contrary, they too last for hours! Simply place on the top of your wax warmer, sit back and enjoy a slow tranquil fragrance release from the beginning, while you entertain or simply relax in front of the TV.

Our range of melts are almost infinite on exasporation, they simply last for an eternity within the melt burner meaning you can re melt for hours.

Exceptional value for the money. Simply sample our product and see for yourself. It has the Candles By Janine stamp of assurance!

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