Home Fragrance

Stylish and sophisticated, using the highest quality oils.

Like your home to smell nice but only like to light a candle during the darker months? Then why not choose 1 of our magnificent, elegant room diffusers or room spritzers? Available in any of our 98 frangrances! Still looking for something different? Then how about 1 of our handmade clay wax warmers? These are for use with a tealight and come with a removable dish for easy cleaning. Clay warmers can be plain or with an added custom decal. We also stock a small supply of ceramic oil burners, if that is more your thing. See our exclusive range of home fragrance products. We are now also stocking something for your car! Yes that’s right, your car can now smell nice too with our cute car diffusers. Also available in all 98 fragrances.

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